Reusable Cloth winged ULTRATHIN Pantyliner - Solid Black Cotton flannel top

  • $4.50

Length: approximately 6", 7" or 8" long
Width when snapped: approximately 2 1/4" wide
~two layers of soft, absorbent 100% cotton flannel
~Top Stitched center to direct moisture
~KAM polycetal resin snaps to snap securely around panties and hold the pad in place
~Pre-washed and pre-shrunk fabrics

ADDITIONAL SNAPS -  My standard sizing for additional snaps creates a pad that can be snapped to be approximately 2 1/4" wide or approximately 1 7/8" wide. The 1 7/8" snap set does not come standard unless requested.

WeeEssentials cloth pantyliners are my own design and pattern, which I created after I found that most cloth minipads I'd tried were much too thick for every day use. Wearing these is almost like having no pad at all, and they are great for everyday moisture, ovulation discharge, and light bladder leakage!

** I would not recommend these during your menstrual cycle unless you are at the very tail end (light spotting.) They are NOT waterproof. Check my Etsy shop for pads with higher absorbency made just for your period.**


CARE: Throw in the wash with your regular laundry and regular detergent and machine or line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Avoid detergents that contain softeners, optical brighteners, or other additives as these can affect the absorbency level of the pad.