How Many Cloth Menstrual Pads Do I Need?

So how many pads do I need?

This is not an easily answered question, because each woman is different and has different flows as well as laundering habits.  

The best answer I can give is to consider how often you change your disposable pads.  If you find you change your pad every 4th hour, then you will likely find you have similar needs with my medium flow reusable cloth pads.  I did originally design Wee Essentials pads to cater to my rather heavy flow - I find the regular/medium flow cloth pads to be similar to mainstream disposables, with heavy flow pads lasting somewhat longer than regular flow pads.

Once you figure out how many pads you will go through on the heaviest day of your cycle, you need to consider how often you will wash the pads, and how you will dry them.  If you want to wash every day, then you will need only as many pads as you will go through on the heaviest day plus washing time.  (So if you need to change every 4 hours, you will need 6 pads in a 24 hour period.)  Also consider drying time - if you are machine drying, this is not an issue, but if you must line dry, expect a full day of drying time except in the most dry climates.