About Us

Wee Essentials started at a dining room table in 2007; I was trying to come up with a frugal and earth friendly way to replace a lot of my disposable household necessities - feminine products, nursing pads, paper towels, and diapers/wipes.  I'd been sewing and crafting since I was 7, so it was only natural to make my own!

Lots of trial and error later, and in June 2008 I opened Wee Essentials with my first Ultrathin Liners and Soap Bits - natural cloth wipe solution cubes.  

I've become more and more concerned not only about how our lifestyles impact the environment, but how they impact our wallets.  You'll find that many of my items are simple, reusable, practical solutions to disposable or unfriendly products. I knew I wasn't the only one who was looking for products that would save them money in the long run while being thoughtful about the earth's cleanliness.  

Over the years, the idea of "Living simply so others could simply live" has affected my actions more and more, and the way I run Wee Essentials.  By using reusable products, we can save resources for other people - and when we are done, reusable products can be composted in part or whole, keeping landfills from growing, and water and air clean for the people who live near them.