ORGANIC 9" Moderate Flow Cloth Menstrual Pad - PUL - Organic Cotton Flannel - Owls

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This pad is suitable as a MODERATE flow cloth pad. Wear with the print up, facing your skin!



Pattern placement and snap color may vary.

~made with 2 layers of thin and highly absorbent 70% rayon-from-bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece core
~entire pad is backed a layer of PUL hidden behind a layer of undyed, unbleached ORGANIC cotton flannel.
~stitched with 100% polyester thread to prevent leaks.
~Top stitching only in the absorbent layers of the pad directs the flow of moisture toward the center of the pad.
~ORGANIC Cotton flannel print on top of pad 
~Approximately 2.5" across when snapped and 9" long.
~Adjustable snaps


Tired of guessing which pad in you stash would be absorbent enough for that day? Now each WeeEssentials pad is embroidered with a letter on the wing. The letter indicates the absorbency level:

"L" – light flow/heavy pantyliner
"M" – medium flow
"H" – heavy/postpartum flow
"O" - overnight/extra heavy flow


CARE: Throw in the wash with your regular laundry and regular detergent and machine or line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Avoid detergents that contain softeners, optical brighteners, or other additives as these can affect the absorbency level of the pad.