Large Reusable Nursing Pad Set in Bamboo/Organic Cotton with hidden PUL - quilter's cotton top - "Red Rice"

  • $3.75

This listing is for one (1) pair of nursing pads - the same pair shown in the photos.

Forget the scratchy, plastic-y store bought pads that eat up your money every month! WeeEssentials Nursing Pads are soft, comfortable, and keep you dry without throwing your money away.


~A fun 100% cotton print on the breast-side (check the title for the exact type of cotton fabric)
~Measures approximately 5" in diameter to fit the majority of cup sizes
~Made with bamboo and organic cotton fleece core to pull moisture away
~PUL hidden behind a back layer of organic cotton helps you avoid leaks
~Pad edges are serged to reduce fraying while keeping a soft, flexible edge

Questions? Please message me! I used these nursing pads myself through three children and I should be able to answer most of your questions about the pads and breastfeeding in general.

Practical stuff: Usage will depend on your leakage. Early in the nursing relationship, most mothers leak a lot. You'll find you will have to change your nursing pads a couple times a day, often right after nursing and let-down. As the nursing relationship progresses, many mothers find they can easily go through the daytime using only one set of pads, and changing them out at bedtime.


There’s a common misperception that PUL creates a dark, wet, germ-breeding ground, and that fleece does not. I make pads with both, and *both* will breed bacteria.

Fleece is slightly more breathable, and as such, some moisture in your pad will evaporate into the air, keeping you drier - at least in theory. However, in reality, most of the moisture will stay right in the pad until it is removed. The breast prevents much evaporation on one side, and clothing on the other.

The best thing you can do to prevent infections and thrush is to change your pads as often as necessary:

If your pad is soaked, you need to change it. If you have been wearing the same pad for more than 10-12 hours, you need to change it, whether you have a fleece backing or a PUL backing. Why? It is better to change your pads frequently rather than find a pad that will hold that liquid all day against your skin. Changing your pads often will help prevent infections and thrush, which thrive in moisture.


Care: Place in lingerie bag or wash loose - machine wash cool or warm, tumble dry low.