Extra Large 5" Bamboo Reusable Nursing Pad Set in super soft bamboo/organic cotton fleece

  • $3.75

This listing is for one (1) pair of super soft bamboo/organic cotton fleece nursing pads.

Forget the scratchy, plastic-y store bought pads that eat up your money every month! WeeEssentials Nursing Pads are soft, comfortable, and keep you dry without throwing your money away.


~Measures approximately 5" in diameter to fit the majority of cup sizes
~Made with 2 layers of very absorbent heavy bamboo and organic cotton fleece
~Pad edges are serged to reduce fraying while keeping a soft, flexible edge
~PLEASE NOTE: There is no water barrier in these nursing pads. That makes these pads perfect for the less leaky, or after milk supply is established and steady.

Questions? Please message me! I used Wee Essentials nursing pads myself through three children and I should be able to answer most of your questions about the pads and breastfeeding in general.

Practical stuff: Usage will depend on your leakage. Early in the nursing relationship, most mothers leak a lot. You'll find you will have to change your nursing pads a couple times a day, often right after nursing and let-down. As the nursing relationship progresses, many mothers find they can easily go through the daytime using only one set of pads, and changing them out at bedtime.


Care: Place in lingerie bag or wash loose - machine wash cool or warm, tumble dry low.