Limited Edition! Set of 2 Pink Dotted Line Cloth Menstrual Pad Drying Straps - hang your pads to air dry!

  • $5.50

A set of two (2) drying straps in a Limited Edition color!  

Air drying your pads extends their life and uses less energy - but how do you dry them discreetly and quickly? Hang them!

Snap one pad to the bottom snap of the strap, and then you can snap another pad to the first pad's unoccupied snaps (see the last photo). I suggest snapping no more than 5 pads to the strap - the weight of too many wet pads can strain the strap.

Hanging your pads to dry allows them to receive air flow from both sides, and can mean a faster dry time!

It also gives you more flexibility - you can hide your pads in a closet or shower, and by simply unsnapping the strap, you can move all your pads in one quick motion.

~You will receive a set of 2 matching straps in a pretty dotted-line, hot pink ribbon
~made from 1" grosgrain ribbon
~Matching size 20 KAM snaps will fit Wee Essentials pads, as well as many other independent pad makers' pads.
~Each strap measures 11" when unsnapped and approximately 6" when snapped.
~Easily fits around rods up to 2" in diameter
~Hang the strap from doorknobs, towel or shower rods, clothes rods, drying racks or clotheslines!
~Hand wash if needed, lay flat or hang to dry