Wool Wash Lanolin Solution glycerin cubes with essential oils - for cloth diapers and soakers - Sample Size

  • $2.00

Try out my wool wash cubes with a sample containing 3 undyed wool wash soap cubes! Use a cube in your hand wash with your woolens and you will clean, condition, and lightly lanolize quickly and easily.

Each cube can wash and lanolize one medium item or about 200 yards of worsted weight wool. (So think 2 adult hats, 1 medium sized pair of longies, a pair of mittens...) Cubes can be cut in half for less lanolizing or add more cubes for more items.

I use my own natural, detergent-free triple butter soap recipe with extra glycerin and 25% pure lanolin, so there's plenty of creamy goodness in each cube.

PLEASE NOTE: Cubes will be tacky to the touch - this is normal when the lanolin content is so high, as the lanolin itself (even on the sheep!) is tacky.

The cubes do smell like natural, unprocessed lanolin (it HAS been processed to purify it however.) I do not use masking agents to inhibit the scent as many brands containing lanolin do - the FDA does not require masking agents to be labeled in the ingredients. These chemicals are often made with phthalates and are petroleum based, which is what I try to avoid in my shop!

The scent is quite strong in cube form, but it will be less so on your wool garment after washing.


1. Add 1 cube (or more or less if desired) to 8 ounces of water in a microwaveable container. Microwave on high for 15-20 seconds at a time until the cube is full melted.
2. Stir to mix the solution, then add it to your empty wash basin.
3. Add enough hot water to completely cover item, but do not add items while water is running!
4. Gently swish your item in the water, focusing on areas that are soiled or need extra lanolizing.
5. Carefully remove item from water, and place on a towel. Roll the towel and compress it to squeeze out excess water in the item.
6. Remove item from towel and allow to dry flat.