Pure Lanolin with or without Essential Oils for dry skin, longies, soakers, other woolens, and spinning

  • $7.00

Wonderful stuff! Perfect for waterproofing woolens, including cloth diapering woolens like longies, shorties, and soakers. Lanolin is also a great healing balm for cracked and dry skin, sore nipples from breastfeeding, and even weather-worn lips!

You'll get two phalate-free plastic jars as shown in the photos with approximately .75 ounces each (net weight) of pure, smooth 100% raw lanolin in each, for a total of approximately 1.5 ounces.

Scented lanolin have been lightly scented with essential oils. DO NOT USE SCENTED LANOLINS FOR BREASTFEEDING - DO NOT INGEST.

The jars are the perfect size to slip in your pocket, the diaper bag, or your purse. Each is labeled with content and weight (not shown in the pictures.)

If you are using the lanolin to waterproof woolens, put a pea sized amount in hot water and swish/squish it until it dissolves (you can also add soap if you wish to clean the item.) Add the item you wish to lanolize and swish again. The longer you let it sit in the water, the more lanolin the wool item will absorb. Remove from the water and roll gently in a towel to remove excess water, air dry. With this method, 1.5 ounces will last quite a while!

Lanolin can also be applied directly to the skin as a healing salve.

Finally (I know, pretty great stuff, right?) The lanolin can be melted down in small amounts in water as a spray for wool spinning fibers that have been over-cleaned. This will help the individual fibers stick together better and make spinning easier! (I learned on the slippery, overcleaned stuff!)

This product does smell like natural, unprocessed lanolin (it HAS been processed to purify it however.) I do not use masking agents to inhibit the scent as many brands containing lanolin do - though the FDA does not require masking agents to be labeled in the ingredients. These chemicals are often made with phthalates and are petroleum based, which is what I try to avoid in my shop!

DO NOT INGEST. Do NOT use lanolin scented with essential oils for healing cracked skin due to breastfeeding. Use caution when using on the lips or other areas where you might ingest the salve.